target designator

target designator

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  • laser target designator — A device that emits a beam of laser energy which is used to mark a specific place or object. Also called LTD. See also laser; target …   Military dictionary

  • Target Acquisition and Designation System, Pilot Night Vision System — The Target Acquisition and Designation System, Pilot Night Vision System (TADS/PNVS) is the combined sensor and targeting unit fitted to the AH 64 Apache helicopter. It comprises two independent systems, described below: Target Acquisition and… …   Wikipedia

  • Target Acquisition Minefield Detection System — (ASTAMIDS) is the latest weapon in the fight against improvised explosive devices (IED). It will provide a Unit of Action (UA) asset that can be used in Tactical Operations in day or night to detect and locate surface obstacles and recently… …   Wikipedia

  • target designation — The process of marking or otherwise pointing to a target by any means, such as by laser, flare, or smoke, or setting it into a head up display or fire control system. A target may be designated either from the aircraft launching the weapon, by… …   Aviation dictionary

  • designator — i. A laser or other device pointed at a target to illuminate it so that the latter can send signals that weapons can home onto. A typical designation for laser guided bomb. ii. A letter or a number given to each flight by a scheduled carrier …   Aviation dictionary

  • laser-target line — An imaginary straight line from the laser designator to the target with respect to magnetic north. See also laser; laser target designator; target …   Military dictionary

  • Laser designator — A laser designator is a laser light source which is used to illuminate a target. Laser designators provide targeting for laser guided bombs, missiles, or precision artillery munitions, such as the Paveway series of bombs, Lockheed Martin s… …   Wikipedia

  • accounting line designator — A five character code, consisting of the target desired ground zero designator and the striking command suffix, to indicate a specific nuclear strike by a specified weapon delivery system on a target objective to the operation plan. Also called… …   Military dictionary

  • laser designator — A device that emits a beam of laser energy used to mark a specific place or object. It also is used to steer laser guided bombs or missiles onto targets. A laser designator may be ground based, an aircraft delivering ordnances may carry it, or it …   Aviation dictionary

  • laser target designating system — A system which is used to direct (aim or point) laser energy at a target. The system consists of the laser designator or laser target marker with its display and control components necessary to acquire the target and direct the beam of laser… …   Military dictionary

  • designated target — A target that has been illuminated by laser or otherwise designated as a target by a friendly designator …   Aviation dictionary

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